Past Performance

GMC enjoys current, multi-sector, experience working in countries around the world.

In addition to the projects listed here, GMC has provided consulting services for housing/construction projects in several countries in the Middle East, Asia, Eurasia and Africa. In Iraq, GMC provided extensive consulting for Iraq’s Ministry of Construction and Housing, providing recommendations for reconstruction of the country’s commercial, residential and commercial structures. We offered recommendations for financial reforms and provided information on innovative construction technologies, all of which were well-received by the Iraqi officials. GMC has also provided similar services for government officials from China and Ghana, and private sector companies working in Afghanistan.

GMC is currently leading a team charged with developing infrastructure in Ghana. Phase One of the project is comprised of three feasibility studies, one for general infrastructure and creation of Green Townships, one for agricultural development, and one for rail infrastructure.

As part of the Ghana project, GMC is leading the team to develop a clean coal-fired, 1710 MW power plant and associated infrastructure and supply of coal. We also provided consulting services to a group pursuing construction of an LNG Floating Storage and Regasification Unit with associated infrastructure including port development, pipeline construction, and LNG supply.

GMC’s selected project experience includes:

  • Iraq Power Sector – Electricity and Oil

    Iraq Housing and Construction

    Iraq Housing Laws Reform

    Brazil – 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro

    India Municipal Finance of Water and Wastewater Projects

    Vietnam – Son La Hydropower

    Croatia – Environmental Sector – Water and Wastewater

    Thailand Biodiesel and Gasohol

    Thailand Customs and Border Patrol

    Vietnam – PetroVietnam

    Laos Hydropower

    Brazil Rail

    Brazil Business Registration – E-Business

    Mexico Hydropower

    Argentina and Mexico Airport Security

    Namibia Fishing Vessels

    Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia – District Energy

    Morocco Fisheries Sector Modernization

    Republic of Georgia – Tourism Investment Strategy

    USTDA “Creating Partnerships for Growth”

    Turkey Energy Hub (LNG pipeline)

    China Water Monitoring Information Technology for China Ministry of Water Resources

  • Pakistan Oil Refineries Modernization

    China Power Plant Emissions Monitoring and Control Technologies for China Ministry of Environmental Protection

    South Africa LNG Regasification and Power Generation Facility

    Jamaica Waste-to-Energy

    Jordan Water Sector

    China Railroad Technology and Locomotive Emissions Reduction

    South Africa Energy Efficient Building Solutions Training and Visit

    China Mayors Leadership Program to improve China’s urban infrastructure and put China on a sustainable growth path by addressing energy consumption and emissions in China’s urban centers. The program is in support of the city EcoPartnerships Program established under the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

    Angola and South Africa Housing Construction

    China Ministry of Environmental Protection II

    China Ministry of Environmental Protection III

    Ukraine Power Sector

    Ghana Power Sector

    China Environmental Technologies

    China Airport Green Construction & Construction Waste Recycling